Human Sociology

The Expanding Role of Sociology in our Global Society

Sociology is another popular field of human study. Whereas psychology involves the study of individual human behavior, sociology focuses on the study of human groups and societies. Rather than focusing on cognition or mental processes as psychologists do, sociologists study the influencing factors that bind groups of humans together. Sociologists are more concerned with global social phenomena than interpersonal relationships, and they often focus their attention on organizations, associations, groups, and institutions.

As our population grows and cultures continue to blend across the globe, sociology will play an increasingly important role in facilitating a more functional living environment for all people. Since the dawn of time, groups of people have experienced problems cohabitating peacefully. Because sociologists work within small local groups, organizational groups, and widescale or national groups to identify and resolve problems, their comprehensive efforts combine to create a more harmonious society.

Along with the growth of sociology as a discipline is the evolution of subspecialties of the field. For instance, some sociologists focus specifically on the effect that the media has on group behavior, while others study businesses to identify and address organizational flaws that adversely impact employees. There are even sociologists who focus on financial institutions and the impact that they have on various groups of people. The field of sociology will undoubtedly continue to expand its scope as globalization increases.