Human Psychology

The Many Facets of Psychology

Many people who study human beings focus on psychology, or the study of individual behavior and mental processes. Psychologists study brain functions, emotions, cognition, and the development of relationships between people. Psychology also involves the study of abnormal behavior among individuals, and can include the analysis of intelligence and personality.

In addition to the more common facets of psychology outlined above, the study of psychology has evolved to encompass more specific areas of focus. For instance, forensic psychology, psychological testing, and research psychology are increasingly popular subspecialties. Forensic psychology explores the relationship between individual human behavior and the criminal justice system. Forensic psychologists often work in prisons or juvenile detention centers to evaluate the mental health of people who are on trial for criminal behavior.

Research psychology and psychological testing both focus more on the analysis of data obtained through a face to face examination of a person. Psychological testing often involves the administration of personality tests and intelligence tests to screen for deficiencies or abnormalities in a person’s mental processes. Research psychology, on the other hand, involves the use of controlled experiments or existing data to identify patterns or tendencies that guide human behavior. Research psychologists are often employed by universities, research centers, or governmental organizations.